Virtual Assistant in a Virtual World!

We thought we would share, what a day in the life of a Virtual Assistant in a Virtual World is like.

Showing you a few of the things we undertake to help our customers in their day-to-day lives!

Every Virtual Assistant’s day starts with a great cuppa, mine is milk with 2 sugars, please!

After the first sip, we are ready to tackle the day.  From answering phones to making appointments for our Customers – next massage or personal trainer session!

At The VA Team Ltd, Kenneth Pote the owner believes in making the virtually impossible, possible virtually!

It’s so true, check out Lindi Norgate – our Office Manager working on a train between London and Berkshire… smile Lindi…

Typically, Lindi starts her day by returning all the virtual typing work we have completed for customers the day before.  We always try our best to do a quick turn-around, where possible.

The rest of us start our days by reviewing the tasks assigned to us by the management system.  This helps us as Virtual Assistants better collaborate and helps us to set our daily goals.  Of course, as with any job, things will crop up during the day which we always make allowances for.

In between the day to day tasks we do for our Virtual Assistant Customers, we monitor the inbound calls with our Virtual Reception Service.  Either answering the calls when our customers can’t or if they are away on holiday.  We even offer a full-time Virtual Receptionist Service as we know that if we don’t answer the phone, our client’s competition will!  Whether it’s day-to-day calls, a one-off booking service – we can handle them all!

As a Virtual Assistant, we wear many hats.  Right now, Anna is “Angela” and she is running the office of a Tutor School.  Making bookings, ensuring that the students’ accounts are up to date and supporting the owner of the business.  Not to mention ensuring that the students and their parents are reminded when their next class is!

Elevenses (11-o’clock), bring on a nice cuppa with a biscuit and a quick scroll through Facebook…. oh look… our Kenneth is getting ready to showcase our services at the Business Expo… make sure you keep an eye out for us at the next London Business Show later in the year.

No time for a lunch break today, Leigh is planning an event day for one of our customers.  From accommodation to flights, even those late-night taxis/buses.  She is organising the whole event with the assistance of the rest of us.  Oh fantastic, the handouts have just arrived from the printers… let’s get them all bound up and ready to ship!

In between all the event things, Leigh has just received a request to book another customer on a business trip to New York, making sure she gets some time to see a museum or two…. virtual concierge services are what we provide here…. up, up and away!


Kelly is processing the orders for a healthy food supplement business ensuring they are dispatched within the required SLA.  She then will need to finalise and follow-up on another customer booking for her client’s inspirational retreat in a few weeks.  By asking us for help, we are saving our customers time and money, ensuring they put themselves where it’s most important, in front of their customers and not behind the desk doing the admin.

This afternoon brings on a 30 Mins Complimentary 1:1 Consultation call with a potential new customer for The VA Team Ltd.  They are looking for a Super Virtual Team to help them manage their office and administration and their expenses receipts, ensuring filing and capturing on their accounting system.  You name we do it here at The VA team Ltd.

It’s all-hands-on-deck when we are busy… Shaz our office Chihuahua slips behind the desk to assist us at times!!!

She always advises potential customers to draw 3 columns on a page and in each of the columns ask themselves the following:

  • Column 1: List the things you hate doing every day,
  • Column 2: List the things you can’t do yourself,
  • And in column 3, list the things you shouldn’t be doing!

This is a great introduction to what we, as Virtual Assistants, can help our customers with.

By 17h00 things are starting to calm down, which means our evening typists have come on duty to complete those digital transcriptions ready for Lindi to check in the morning and send back to our clients.

And then we do it all again…

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