Working with a Virtual Assistant.

March 28, 2019by Kenneth Pote

Operating your own business is a dream!

You know all of the ins and outs; what is required; the nuances; your target markets; you have it down pat from sunrise to sunset. It is all second nature that you could run it in your sleep if you had to.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with this scenario, ask yourself is it productive? Is it efficient? Are you and your company operating at 100% in order to experience growth?


I would venture a guess that your responses are probably teetering more toward the “No, not exactly” versus “We are the best and on target to triple our revenues.”Many of my clients have been in your position, realizing they are not poised for growth and they want to move from entrepreneur to more of a small business status.

As I have stated before, being able to effectively delegate represents a readiness and growth mentality. You must relinquish much of the day to day tasks in order to be able to focus on your “real” business goals.
The whole transition from working in the business to working on the business means letting go of what you’re comfortable doing. You always need to be thinking big and challenging yourself.” 

There are several steps or processes to be able to arrive at this juncture and once you do, it is still a matter of understanding and learning how to work with a virtual assistant, when you have always done everything on your own.

Most people say, I get that! I do.

  • It had taken me a few years before I was ready to delegate
  • I had always done it
  • No one could do anything better or faster
  • Why should I write out all of my policies and procedures when it is quicker if I just manage it on the spot?

The freedom and ease of having a tremendous virtual assistant helps you. You don’t need to do every single task or project. If you were so bogged down in each and every daily business operation and activity, you wouldn’t have the time to build your business, provide personalised service, work ON the business rather than IN it and you wouldn’t have enough hours in the day. You will be a slave to the clock and the company. That is not the kind of business dream you had.Clients have asked what should they outsource and what is the best way to work with a virtual assistant.

Outsource anything that:

  • Doesn’t directly generate revenue
  • Isn’t your core genius
  • Represents administrative tasks
  • You don’t like to do
  • You don’t want to do
  • Is too tedious
  • Takes up too much time
  • Provides a small payoff

Here is an exercise that may shed some light on your time spent versus invested: for one-week track every task and project that you work on.
Note the time spent. What wasn’t completed, what was overlooked, any appointments missed, activities half completed, which ones generated revenue. How many low payoff activities usurped your time?
At the end of the week, review it. What should you move off of your plate?? It should be very clear.
What everyday operations are you involved in that also aren’t the best value of your time? Sure, they are necessary, but do YOU need to do them?

Working with a Virtual Assistant (Best idea ever!)
After you have chosen your vested virtual partner be ready to experience outstanding results.

  • Understand your daily processes and business operations
  • Be well aware of your core genius and high payoff activities
  • Clearly outline your goals
  • Know what you want to outsource: for example, content curation, proofing/editing/uploading of blogs, email and calendar management, social media and project management
  • Outsource one-offs, projects, administrative tasks and daily business operations
  • Establish your workflow
  • Define specifics, desired outcomes, expectations and deadlines
  • Prepare documents to support the processes you use to complete tasks. You may also discover that your VA has some other efficient tools and ideas as well. Be open for discussions
  • Accountability and communications are a must for success and satisfaction
  • Provide valued, honest feedback
  • Trust the VA you have chosen – avoid the need to micromanage
  • Expect to participate in monthly strategy calls to brainstorm, share ideas and talk about your business
  • If they are to interact with your clients or vendors, create an email address for them at your domain
  • Recognise that you are part of a TEAM, investing in your partnership and business
  • Every month, review what is working and what isn’t. Consider outsourcing additional operations management or projects while you may decide to pull back others
  • Continue to foster and nurture your relationship just like you would with an in-house staff member

These suggested tips may seem a little overwhelming or daunting at first, but once you lay out the foundation or the architecture of your partnership, the coming months and years will prove to be very lucrative for you. It is worth the investment and time to set up your blueprint for success.

If you are ready to talk, let’s give it a shot. Call or send The VA Team an email to schedule your free consult. 


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