How can a Virtual Assistant Service assist your business as we come out of the lock down?

How can a Virtual Assistant Service assist your business as we come out of the current lock down?

June 4, 2020by Kenneth Pote

Have you considered how a Virtual Assistant can assist your business running during and after the lockdown is lifted? 

The VA Team is a trusted source of business support, providing virtual assistant and virtual reception (call answering) services throughout the current pandemic and even more so as we start coming out of lockdown.  We are not here to replace you, but we are here to help lighten the weight for you!

Today, many business owners know the world is and will continue to change toward more remote and virtual work, especially after the last 6+ weeks of lockdown. With this shift comes a need for well trained and experienced assistants who can meet business demands virtually! The VA Team is privileged to provide virtual assistant and virtual reception services to a variety of types and sizes of businesses. 

The VA Team provides virtual assistant and virtual reception business services that keeps your company up and running during the current isolation period, as well as providing you the virtual service as we slowly start coming out of the lockdown period. We pride ourselves as virtual assistants who can help you navigate any new or unusual hurdle that the pandemic has thrown your business’ way.

Some of the great benefits our virtual assistant and virtual reception services offer you are:

  • All our virtual assistants are UK based and English speaking; 
  • All our assistants are office based, but ‘virtual to our customers’; 
  • All our virtual assistants have confidentiality agreements in place. They do not talk about who our clients are or what they do for them;
  • You will receive a lead virtual assistant, so they will get to know your likes and dislikes and help anticipate needs, but we even offer an additional assistant as backup, in the event it is needed.

Not only do we offer you all these things, but also by outsourcing to The VA Team, you also get the following 10 benefits for your business:

1. You do not have to share your space (Social Distancing)

Our VAs work from our office in Berkshire. You do not have to find them a desk or a computer.

2. You get to go on vacation/holiday (and relax!)

Our VAs keep an eye on emails while you are away, sending out standard ‘keep warm’ responses or, once we know your business well, our VAs can take more of a deputising role. Your VA can monitor your social media accounts and help you schedule updates. Remember the more you outsource the more you get to relax knowing someone will be keeping an eye on your business while you are away.

3. You do not have to sort out PAYE

With The VA Team, there is NO tax, National Insurance, pension, sick or holiday pay.

4. You only pay for the time you need a VA

Unlike an employee, you only pay for the time you need us. Either an hourly rate for short or one-off tasks or retainers for set hours each week or month for ongoing tasks.

5. You get to do the stuff you love

Hiring a VA to do your admin means you do not have to do it! You can free up your diary (and your headspace) so you can spend more time on your passion. It is why you started your business in the first place isn’t it? 

6. Your VA wants to help you

It is what we are good at. It is our passion. Your VA will help you solve your problems, grow your business, and save you time and money.

7. Someone’s got your back

Our virtual assistants want you to get to where you want to be and for your business to grow. With our VAs we will help you get there.

8. You get some chill time back

Work life balance tends to go out the window a bit as the owner of a business. Outsourcing to a VA will help you spend time doing the stuff you like with the people you want rather than having to play admin catch-up on ‘Admin Fridays’ or at the weekend.

9. You do not have to do the boring bits

Virtual assistants love admin, paperwork, organising – and we are good at it! Chances are you prefer to do other stuff otherwise you would probably be a VA too!

10. Your VA wants your business to succeed

As your relationship builds and our VAs learn more about you, your vision, and your business we can be a fresh pair of eyes and a new sounding board for your ideas. Who knows, we might know of more efficient tools or have experience of the new procedures you want to put in place. Think of our VAs as your sidekick because “every superhero needs a sidekick”.

I know, I know! We only said 10 but this is a Big One to add…

11. We are guaranteed to SAVE YOU MONEY!

As long as our VAs remain contracted rather than you hiring an employee, then you could save between £500 – £1000.00 per month, depending on the package purchased and you can put us down as an expense. 

To learn more about how The VA Team’s virtual assistant and reception services can help you and your business as we come out of this lockdown pandemic, email us at or book a FREE Discovery call to find out how much time we will save you and in the long run how much money we will save you. 

Win Win either way! Talk to us here

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