What’s the difference between call handling and call answering?

At first glance there doesn’t seem too much of a contrast between the two services, there is, however, a very subtle yet distinct difference that can make a big impact on your business depending on what your individual needs are.

What exactly are the two services?


Call handling:

The management of all inbound and outbound telephone calls to your business. Provided by fully trained telephone operatives.

Usually used by businesses for sales and customer service.

The professional operator acts as your businesses personal telephone service and can help deal with customer enquiries and is usually tailored to you and your business to give the impression that a member of your company has answered the phone and is dealing with an in-house member of your staff.

Virtual answering Services
Call answering:

The management of inbound telephone calls and diary management. Again, provided by fully trained telephone operatives.

This service is usually used for businesses that need a professional telephone booking service.

The trained operator acts as an appointment maker for your business and can receive inbound telephone calls, organise and complete bookings with clients and then will report to you either via diary management or an answering machine service the details for you.

This service can ensure you never miss an appointment or job again.

What’s the difference?

Between the two virtual telephone services, the main difference is you.

It really does depend on what call service your business would benefit the most from.

Each service provides a vital service that is necessary for the day to day running of any small to medium business or company.

But which is best for you?

There are of course benefits to both call handling and call answering.

Just because you need an outbound sales service doesn’t mean you need a diary management service at the same time, in fact, most smaller businesses could benefit from the versatility a full-time virtual receptionist can offer, to make sure you keep your company running at its best.

A good virtual reception service would be able to offer a wider range of services that would benefit both you and your business no matter what you specialised in.

They would be able to tailor your needs to their services, giving you the opportunity to provide a great service to current and potential customers all the time.

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