We wanted to give a shout out to all small business owners that are looking for an amazing “little” CRM (customer relationship management) system for their business.  

Meet “Dubsado”, a cloud-based platform that helps manage the clerical parts of your business allowing you to focus on completing your projects and handle your incoming leads. We describe Dubsado as the FORD with a Mustang engine.   

Dubsado is a powerful tool that will help you run your business efficiently. It is just so much more than CRM software solution because you get :

* Lead Management
* Payment Processing
* Contracts and Forms
* Accounting
* Client and Project Management
* Automation
* Integrations

Dubsado makes the sending of proposals, contracts and invoices easy, so you can get paid fast and securely. Plus, they have you covered when it comes making the paperwork journey secure and digital.  No more paperwork laying around the office, GDPR….BANG!

Before Dubsado, we had our own system of emailing, creating paper contracts, raising an invoice and assigning payments manually, recording transactions via google drive, etc. This was not only frustrating for us, but it took a lot of time, but not with Dubsado, it works together in a seamless, professional process.

We were so excited to show our customers our professional looking proposals we were sending out.  Not to mention how simple the process was, once set up.

Click, Click and Send!

With the onboard questionnaire functionality, we were able to create and collect all of that information we needed from our customers without the hassle. It’s pretty in-depth and helps us get to know our customer so that we are able to answer their calls in a professional and informative manner. (this is a HUGE time-saving tool and we will never look back!).

We have had many new customers comments on how professional our work looks and not to mention how easy it is.

Everyone is busy and Dubsado just makes it quick and easy to get pricing, bookings and payments etc. Even if I don’t actually open up Dubsado, I still get the reminder emails!

I think the biggest thing you can get from Dubsado is they have amazing customer service & frequent updates as well as features that make sense to freelancers and entrepreneurs, which we have not found anywhere else.

Every month they release so many new features and functions.  Just this week they have released of their newest feature, Multiple links in an Email!  This feature allows us to add multiple forms, appointment schedulers, invoices, contracts, sub-agreements…all in one email.  

For my business, this is a real game changer and we highly recommend Dubsado, a definite must-have for any small business.