The VA Team exists to help you succeed in business and boost your bottom line.

Every superhero like you needs a sidekick to make sure they stay focused on their customers, so leave the admin to us, we have you covered!

Looking for Virtual Assistant Services?

Set yourself free with help from a dedicated virtual assistant. The VA Team provides a premium service provided at a fraction of the costs, but with premium support to you and your business.
Why hire a Virtual Assistant from us?

Why are business owners hiring a virtual assistant
, you’re able to delegate tasks that will help you get rid of time-wasting tasks. For example, General Administration, Diary & Email Management, Digital or Printed Newsletters (design, mailing and management) and so much more. At The VA Team we can assist you refocus your time to where it’s needed.

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How do I know what you can do?

Our UK based virtual assistants are professionally skilled in all aspects of business administration providing benefit to you and business. During our discovery call we discuss and assist you identify your list to business freedom, and this will show us what you spend your time on and where we can benefit you in business.

What are the benefits of having a virtual assistant?

There are more benefits of hiring a virtual assistant than we could possibly list here. However, head over to our blog post highlighting how a Virtual Assistant can assist your business especially when things around us take over.

But surely, you are more expensive than I can afford?

As our virtual assistants perform your non-core activities, this allows you to have focus more of your time to focus on growing your business. Remember your time is your money! How much is 1-hour of your time worth to your Business?  Book a call with us and let see what we could save you.

We offer both ad-hoc hours and packages. Prices may vary according to specific requirements, so please contact me for a tailor-made quote.

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Call Answering, Call Answering Services

Looking for Call Answering or Virtual Reception Services?

Did you know 80% of callers won't leave a voicemail ... so if you don’t or can’t answer you may have lost that business. With our call answering or virtual reception service you will never miss another call again. Make an impression. We’ll be the best ‘face’ of your company, acting as your virtual reception team.
What is a Call Answerer or Virtual Reception?

Virtual phone answering professionals who knows how to use interaction history to figure out clients’ needs. We are trained to build an emotional connection your clients. All this makes it easy for us to help you provide personalised services to your customers.

How will a Call Answering Service benefit my Business?

On an average day, how many times would you say your phone rings? 5? 10? Maybe you run a very busy office and your phone is ringing multiples times every hour. Now ask yourself, how many of those calls get picked up, and how many of them get left to go to voicemail, cut off, or just missed altogether? We ensure, calls are always answered, answered professionally and create the illusion of size to your business. And at all time saving you time and money! Our blog is a great read for more about Virtual Call answering and Reception services

Can you answer calls for any industry?

The quick answer to this is Yes! Our UK based office team does a lot more than a regular receptionist, for a more affordable price than a full-time employee.

What does the service include?

We can take messages for you, forward calls, schedule appointments, keep you up to date on your work, take payments and chase invoices. We work remotely in our own office. You also get more than one dedicated receptionist answering your calls, meaning you will never miss a call again. We will provide your clientele with all the information they need quickly and courteously. Our receptionists answer your calls as if they worked in your office or clinic, providing an excellent level of care to your potential clients.

We offer both ad-hoc hours and packages. Prices may vary according to specific requirements, so please contact me for a tailor-made quote.

Needs to have your Dictation typed up or have some Copy typing?

Typing Services is just one of the services that The VA Team offers. You say it ... we type it!
Do you do Audio Typing?

Yes, all you need to do is select your App for voice messages and record the narrative.  Then email it to us. We type it and charge you £1.40 per digital minute for a 1-person recording. We even offer 2, 3, 4 or board meeting.  We try our best then to return your typed up document within 24-48 hours back to you.  How simple is that?

Can you do copy typing?

We have also been known to use our typing services to retype documents that have been lost. The copy could be hand written notes from an author of a book, play or minutes from a meeting.

The finished document can then be amended, edited and reproduced as required.

Do you offer Document Formatting?

We most certainly do.  Once we have typed your document, we will need to format the document.  To begin with, we will make sure your document has the right margins, the right headers and footers, the proper paragraph structure and spacing between sentences.

We even offer formatting of new Branded documents so that all your important documents are created in your new Business Brand.

The VA Team’s Virtual Services offers a full range of typing services to suit all your business needs. Feel free to email for me details.

We offer both ad-hoc hours and packages. Prices may vary according to specific requirements, so please contact me for a tailor-made quote.

Virtual Services
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Managed Web Chat Operators

We provide LIVE Website Chat Services with our dedicated Agents, Convert Your Website Users and never miss another lead visiting your website.
Are you an AI bot?

No, we are real people having real conversations on your website with your visitors.

How will you be able to help my customers?

It’s simple, you teach us all about your business via a sheet of information that we can discuss with your customers, allowing us to respond fast and generate you more leads.

But what if they wish to talk to someone on the phone?

We either call them via our Customer service Call Service, or we can ensure that we take all the details and pass it over to you, to contact and close the sale.

Can you help me set up the chat and what System do you use?

Yes, we can offer you assistance to set up the chat function.  We have used a few different  systems so we will be able to guide you accordingly for the best experience.

How quick does the visitor get answered?

Within a few seconds, depending on the time of day that they are talking to us.  If our agents are offline then they will be contacted when online again.  If we have agents online then within seconds.

We offer both ad-hoc hours and packages. Prices may vary according to specific requirements, so please contact me for a tailor-made quote.

What Virtual Guest Management Services do you offer?

Getting your property ready for Airbnb/ Vrbo listing is a time-consuming task.
You might need to renovate the property, improve the amenities, and beautify the property and surroundings. Along with the groundwork, there are other tasks like listing, communication, and calendar management. Tailored to your requirements.
Why should I use a management company?

With a full-time job at hand, it might seem to be a bit difficult to keep up with the work. Don’t worry. Our virtual guests management service can take the hassle out of renting your property.  The VA Team offers Virtual  Guest Management that assist you, with tasks like listing, communication, and calendar management.

What does a Virtual Assistant/Guest Manager do?

The full management services mean we take care of everything for you from taking bookings, managing guest communication, checkin to checkout, etc.
• Saving you time and energy.
• Make sure your guests have a smooth check-in

Why not have a chat with me and see how we can make the virtually impossible, possible…virtually!

Do you offer a PMS System?

Yes, we can offer the complete solution from a PMS system and it’s administration and the other tasks like listing, communication, and calendar management. Even help get the property listed on the Airbnb,, Vrbo & all leading short let rental platforms

Do you answer the phones and handle the bookings?

Yes, we offer the complete package, from call answering, booking taking and question answering, just as if we are your Reservations Team. We ensure that we take the hassle out of hosting.  From the very first contact, making sure your guests are well taken care of throughout their stay.

We offer both ad-hoc hours and packages. Prices may vary according to specific requirements, so please contact me for a tailor-made quote.

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