Most small businesses are just that, a one-person band, companies that have no or very few employees. Most times it is just not financially possible for small businesses to hire a full-time secretary or receptionist to handle the day-to-day calls.

While there are many reasons to consider abandoning the traditional customer service model, a virtual receptionist can be a cost-effective way that small businesses get the best customer support without the added cost of employees.  With our experience, we feel the following is key to why you need a virtual reception.

Professional Customer Services

Having a loyal client base is important for any industry, and one way to bolster both your current and potential customers’ confidence is to maintain a professional image. A virtual receptionist can provide care off-site and away from distractions, ensuring quality customer service to meet both you and your customers’ standards.


A virtual receptionist is available when you are not. This means that you don’t have to worry about finding coverage or hiring a temp for your receptionist to take their lunch breaks, bathroom breaks or even worry about them going on vacation.

Seems Like a Larger Company

With a virtual receptionist, your calls are answered quickly by a professional representative, leaving your clients with a good impression. Virtual receptionists will take incoming calls and answer specifically with your company’s present answer phrase.

The team could schedule appointments for you, take and relay messages, or just answer some general preset questions for your client. Virtual receptionists are an extension of your business. They are an invaluable asset to most any type of business, their value comes from making you appear as though you are a larger, more organised company.

More Time to Focus on Work

If your company does not have an onsite secretary, you can find yourself being pulled away from important tasks to answer the phone. A virtual receptionist can handle all your calls allowing you to refocus on what is important to your business…your customers. They can also alleviate the constant interruptions you face in your day to day work allowing you more time to focus on what is important to you, your business!

Saves on Cost

When you hire a virtual receptionist, you save on the cost of on-boarding a new employee, their yearly salary, and the rising cost of benefits for them. You don’t have to worry about paying personal time, benefits, or vacation time.

Never lose that next order

A virtual receptionist’s duties can include much more than phone support. They may also place orders and process payments through your e-commerce system and answer customer questions regarding their orders.

In conclusion, having a Virtual Receptionist can save money and for a nominal monthly fee, and a per-call charge your business can be confident that you will always receive your messages even in your busiest times.

Welcome the freedom from the phone constantly ringing giving you time to concentrate on your business here.