Like most businesses we are all looking for more customer, and we have all heard people say “network, network, network!” more times than we can possibly count.

So, The VA Team has decided ourselves to join a networking group and not just attend a weekly meeting, but also have regular 1-2-1’s with the other networkers, providing knowledge about how we at The VA Team make the difference.

Networking is much more than just showing up, grabbing a coffee or having breakfast and passing out your business card. It’s about meeting people on a 1-2-1 basis, sharing who you are, what you do and gaining some valuable contacts and information that you can use and can help your business gain more customer. Having regular 1-2-1’s with others accelerates trust between yourselves as well.

Research has shown that having 1-2-1s can have a direct impact on referrals passed to you from others. A 1-2-1 process allows people to deepen their mutual knowledge and develop better relationships with each other and at the end of the day this is what makes networking successful.

By knowing someone and their business in more depth develops a level of trust, even you are more likely to refer to this person if you understand their business and the services they offer.  Networking is like extending your sales team to everyone within the group and asking them to look and listen to people that they meet and when they hear the keywords, “I wish I had more time in my day” giving them the knowledge to refer those people to your business.

Now our journey will begin by educating fellow networkers about how The VA Team, makes the virtually impossible…possible, virtually but also share after each 1-2-1’s what we have learnt about the other networkers through our blog. We are going to share the details about the person behind the business, share their goals and dreams for their business. 

Through this, we also hope it will strongly help us achieve our goals, dreams and to help us all find overlapping areas of interest. 

We hope that you will join just us on our journey of “GAINS EXCHANGE” as we embark as the newest member of a power networking group in Reading Central.

We also welcome anyone local to Bracknell/Reading who wishes to physically join us to email us now on and meet us on the networking journey to success!