Virtual Reception

Most small businesses is just that, a one man/woman band(s) companies that has no or very few employees. Most times it is just not financially possible for small businesses to hire a full time secretary or receptionist to handle the day-to-day calls.
While there are many reasons to consider abandoning the traditional customer service model, a virtual receptionist can be a cost effective way that small businesses get the best customer support without the added cost of employees.

Virtual Receptionist

Improve business credibility with a virtual receptionist and your business will appear bigger to your customers.A virtual office will allow you to compete with the bigger boys, the competition.

Call Handling

Intelligent Call Handling, we use fully trained operators with initiative. We don’t work from scripts so we flex to the needs of your customers, every call is different.

Customer Service

Your customer service department, we can take orders and deal with enquiries as the front end of your business. We can make outbound calls on your behalf, screen interview applicants or follow up warm leads.

Booking Services

Is your in-box bulging? We can help clearing your inbox, ongoing monitoring and actioning urgent emails. We can also book appointments on your behalf and manage your diary.

Benefits of our Remote Reception Service:

Professional Customer Services

Seems Like a Larger Company

More Time to Focus on Work

Never lose that next Order

Welcome in the freedom from the phone constantly ringing giving you time to concentrate on your business.

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You can learn more about our Terms of Service

Inbound message taking calls are classified as being up to 3 minutes in length and calls over 3 minutes are charged at an additional £0.35 pence per minute. Outbound calls are charged at £1.40 up to 3 minutes in length each plus £0.33 pence per minute.


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