Imagine you are personal trainer and passionate about fitness and nutrition. So you and your partner set up a business called Flab2Fit. After 3 years filled with a lot of blood sweat, and tears, the couple has built a thriving business.

Flab2Fit started employing trainers to assist them with their customers. Over the years the company has accumulated many contacts through social media signups, landing pages and business cards and their website.

But sadly, Kim and Justin are no longer doing what they love. The began their business to help others get healthy, not grind through administration tasks. They miss the days when they could devote their time to nurturing, potential customers and upselling to their existing customers. But they barely have time to make a shake, much less change their business model.

They don’t really know where their business is going, unclear vision of what they want to build or strategy to build it. Before they knew it, the week had gone, the next month disappears then the year finishes. They were happy that they survived another year in business!  But the big questions is, have they progressed?

They have reached an “unconscious competence” OR “unconscious incompetence” They have fallen victim to the small business owner shortfall called “owners trap”.  Does this sound like you?

This makes you are a prime candidate for a Virtual Assistant.  Having a Virtual Assistant like us working with you on your business helps you start to refocus on the things that you are really good at, what your business is Great at, the areas to Improve, where you are Vulnerable and where your business has the Edge.

We not saying you will now stop working IN your business, it’s about allocating time, spending regular good quality time each week/month working ON your business.

Could you afford to miss this opportunity? If not, why not book yourself a FREE 30 Mins 1:1 Consultation call with us now and let’s have a talk about where someone like The VA Team’s Virtual Assistant Services could help you get out from behind your desk to in front of it, where it matters.

Start refocusing your time to where it matters most, YOUR CUSTOMERS!