Because you OUT of the office it does not mean you CLOSED for Business

Because you OUT of the office it does not mean you CLOSED for Business

The thought of Covid-19 is sending panic and stress to all small and medium sized businesses. 

What will your small business do if we all have to self-isolate?

Who is going to ‘accept’ your customers calls?

Who will help your business with the orders? 

You might have to work remotely and be out of the office, but it does not have to mean that you have to be closed for Business. 

Imagine having someone to represent you without actually being in your office, someone who can still work self-isolated and answer all your calls, transfer calls to you and your team, without letting your caller think you are closed, who is this person you ask, as we all will be in the same position? 

A Virtual Receptionist.  

Companies like ours, offering virtual reception services, are a huge benefit to businesses everyday running, but more so now with the loaming self-isolation. 

To qualify as a virtual receptionist services providers, the service provider must:

  • Provide businesses with a professional virtual receptionist
  • Assist with common receptionist tasks such as customer service via phone or email
  • Offer receptionists that have experience.

and at The VA team we cover all those bases.

Virtual Receptionists are mainly of benefit, not only because we are cost- effective, flexible and professionals for businesses, but because a Virtual Receptionist offers a variety of receptionist types ranging from call answering to email responding and booking management. 

A Virtual Reception team also screens and transfers calls, performs live web chats on your website and records messages. Additionally, virtual receptionists uphold your company’s branding and image when responding to customers or clients.

Although we are virtual, our virtual receptionists are in fact real people, normally based in our UK based office in Berkshire, where we work through a computer-based telephony system still doing the usual, such as taking calls and answering enquiries whilst giving the same professional, empathetic approach as a real-life receptionist in your office.

Another benefit of our virtual receptionist processing your customer calls, is that you can spend your time focusing on matters of business that do need your attention, like growing your business and also with your family, creating a stress-free version of yourself. Besides, you can also be sure that you don’t have the extra headache of thinking about customer’s phone calls or having your business close during the Self-Isolation periods.

Another benefit of hiring a virtual receptionist is smooth appointment scheduling. Moreover, their incredible phone answering service can also help in taking down the details offered by the client. 

At The VA Team, we interact with your customers, allowing them to trust our virtual receptionists are available to you with our exceptional customer service qualities, which includes these other very important facts like:

  • Communication skills – not only with customers but with yourself
  • English speaking – No language barriers
  • Knowledgeable – Of your services
  • Flexibility – Always on hand
  • Professionalism – Customer service skills
  • Adaptability – To an arrange of customers
  • Friendly – Warm approach, able to build rapport

But how much does a virtual receptionist cost? This is one of the biggest benefits of a Virtual Receptionist.  This also depends on what you wish to use your receptionist for. 

However, it should be noted that it is considerably less than a real-life receptionist. A typical receptionist can earn on average, £18,000 per year, whereas a virtual receptionist from The VA Team, can cost you an average, £2500 per year, but again depending on the requirements you wish them to perform. 

Something to also take into consideration is that you won’t be paying holiday or sick pay to a virtual receptionist.

In conclusion, you can understand that your business productivity will get a huge boost as you get a virtual receptionist working remotely. You will see a positive impact on your brand reputation and identity as your customer’s questions are answered properly. Large businesses are benefited by such virtual services, so why should you be left far behind. 

Schedule a FREE 1-2-1 call with The VA Team as soon as possible and protect your business while you are out of the office, and show your customers that your business is not CLOSED for business.