As business owners, we are always trying to manage it all, especially in our startup phase of business.

Managing it all can have an unfavourable result in the long run.

Why you ask?

As a Small business owner, we can easily become consumed with doing all the backend work ourselves, in turn spending our valuable time that we could be focusing on our business growth.  Establishing your foundations from the start is a great way to ensure as you grow and build your business, you are on solid ground.

Many business owners become consumed with money, and the ability to afford a virtual assistant. However, did you know why hiring a virtual assistant could save you more than you think.  For example:

Time – getting your time back. Whilst a virtual assistant attends to your routine repetitive tasks, you can be focusing on clients or business growth.

Value – it’s more cost effective for your business to hire someone to attend to your administrative or online content management, than you.

Cost – hiring a virtual assistant against what your charging clients is a more cost-effective avenue. You may be charging say £85 for an hour, and hiring The VA Team could cost you £21 an hour. You therefore making £64.00, doing what you enjoy and you know your business tasks are also being attended too.

Budget – you can hire help at a budget amount, just determine what your budget amount is. You might start at 1 hour a month, or a week, and then as you grow your hours with your virtual assistant can grow with you and your business.

Expertise – virtual assistant can specialize in certain industry or skills, bring to your team a valuable resource. At The VA Team we have a wide range of skills and this makes us different from all other Virtual Assistants out there.

Manage – a virtual assistant can manage your day-to-day, along with specific projects or even your field engineering teams.

Growth – The VA Team’s virtual assistants are more than just virtual assistants. For example, We also help businesses with other related Projects and help businesses strategise their social media and business growth opportunities. So we have more understanding of what your business needs are and should be.

Reporting – a virtual assistant can update and retain daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly report for you, no boring tasks for you to do.

Customer Care – one of the biggest downfalls business owners make is getting caught up in administration, their customer care falls down. A virtual assistant can manage your customer services so your business reputation remains prominent.

Sanity – yes sanity. Often business owners become so overwhelmed trying to keep on top of everything that they end up feeling completely overwhelmed. Having the right virtual assistant to support them helps eliminate this.

Finding the right virtual assistant is vital, as your relationship with them is what will help your business and you grow.

If you want to learn more about how to prepare yourself and your business to bring a virtual assistant into your team, book a FREE Introductory call with us and lets see what we can help!