As business owners, we are always trying to manage it all, especially in our startup phase of business.

Tell me, does this scenario sound familiar?

You’re a business owner and at one time or another you could handle the operations schedule and complete your business administrative within your demanding 12 hour working day. Now, you can barely eat lunch, your schedule is a mess because you have accumulated more clients and so your administrative tasks are completely being ignored?

Hello my name is Kenneth Pote and I am the owner of The VA Team. I’m a Virtual Assistant that helps customers to complete and organise their business administrative needs in a time frame that meets their deadlines.

Now I hear you asking; “Why would I need a Virtual Assistant?”. The questions you should be asking yourself is:As the business owner, do you do tasks that you hate to do?

Maybe there are tasks that you do that you should not be doing as the business owner, or are there tasks that you do, that you can’t do, or struggle to do due you not having the right skill?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you could benefit from a Virtual Assistant.

A Virtual Assistant can help you manage those routine tasks, as well as, carry out entire projects for you! Therefore, we can contribute to your business’s productivity, boost its growth and avoid common mistakes that an individual would make due to lack of experience.

But how and what is the best way to start working with a Virtual Assistant?When you outsource routine repetitive tasks to a virtual assistant, you buy yourself time to accomplish tasks that only you can accomplish.

We find that hiring us is a 3-step process that starts as soon as you’re ready. But before you begin, here are a few things you must do in order to be ready to work effectively with your virtual assistant. 

Set your priorities straight first, by listing all those pressing issues you need to get out of your way. A good start is to answer the above questions by creating 3-columns on a page and adding the answer in each column.

Whether it’s someone to answer emails, support your customers or handle everyday micro-tasks? This could be anything from handling your schedule of appointments to managing your small business’s social media or you need someone with whom you can work closely on a project and delegate one of its aspects?

Administrative projects are a timely beast, and you really need to be concentrate on your business and your customers.

There are many benefits of outsourcing your repetitive, routine tasks. We have no doubt that you will benefit from outsourcing administrative and back office tasks to a managed, dedicated virtual assistant like us, who is trained to handle those kinds of specific tasks.

Now for the fun part!

Think about the following, when you hire someone like me, you will be essentially get between 2-5 hours a day back, depending on the packages you wish to enter.

What could you do with between 2-5 hours a day of freed up time?

So why wait? Give us a call and let my team and I help you make the virtually impossible…possible, virtually!